Red Nose Day

“Do something funny for money” on Red Nose Day

red-nose1Wearing a red nose for a day may seems a strange way to raise money.
But, it works in Britain.

Red Nose Day (RND) is celebrated the second Friday in March every two years since its launch in 1988. People across the land get together and do something funny for money at home, school and work. The aim of the day is to raise money for charity.
The next celebration will be in 2017.

Many people consider it to be an unofficial national holiday for example; many schools have red-themed non-uniform days (i.e. the pupils wear something red as part of their non-uniform attire).
Getting sponsored to do something is a common way to raise money. If someone sponsors you it means that they agree to give you a specific amount of money for your actions. Anyone can get sponsored – even the Police. After all, it’s for a good cause so use your imagination!

Before and after being shaved on TV

Before and after being shaved on TV

Here are some ways that people raise money:
• Get sponsored to wear your pyjamas all day at work or in school.
• Get sponsored to grow a moustache or beard for a month.
• Ask for a donation to wear a red wig for the day.
• You can even get sponsored to shave off your hair.

In the evening of Red Nose Day a telethon takes place on the BBC TV channels.
This is like a television marathon that shows a selection of the events of the day, as well as lots of comic sketches, world famous celebrities and reports of how the money raised will be spent. This show is sponsored by the BBC and the celebrities do the work for free to raise as much money as possible.

Since 1985

Since 1985

Comic Relief was started in 1985 by the scriptwriter Richard Curtis. He wrote the series “Blackadder” as well as the famous films “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Notting Hill”. Richard’s idea to start Comic Relief was as a response to the severe famine in Ethiopia. Three years later Red Nose Day was broadcasted to raise money. It’s called Red Nose Day as on this day many people buy a plastic red nose to wear! The money made from selling red noses goes to the charity.

In 2013, Red Nose day has been celebrated for 25 years!
The money raised are for those in need across the UK and in the world’s poorest countries.

So, if you are ever in the UK on Red Nose Day, now you know why you may find
normal people wearing red noses and doing silly things – all for a good cause!



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